Best vegan sources of Vitamin A

Vegetable based food with a elevated concentration in Vitamin A per serving

FoodServingEnergy (kcal)Vitamin A (µg)
Spinach1 bunch781595
Swiss chard10 leafs911469
Sweet potato1 potato112922
Gourd1 gourd36730
Carrot1 large30601
Lettuce (red leaf)0.5 head20579
Turnip greens1 cup18318
Red bell pepper1 large43257
Mango1 fruit202181
Water spinach1 cup11176
Cantaloupe1/8 of melon35172
Apricot1 cup79158
Bok choy1 cup9156
Plantain1 plantain329151
Rapini5 stalks21124
Kale2 cup15101
Mustard greens1 cup1585
Tomato1 large3376
Leek1 leek5474
Cowpeas1 cup16066
Brussels sprouts1 cup5661
Peas1 cup11755
Tangerine1 large6441
Watercress10 sprigs340
Okra8 pods3134
Squash1 large5232
Zucchini1 large5532
Asparagus4 spears1330
Green bell pepper1 large3330
Broccoli1 cup3128

Natutal tablets to boost the correct levels of Vitamin A.

Why is it important to provide your system with sufficient Vitamin A when following a vegan diet?

The Vitamin A makes your system to function properly and keep itself working in a normal way.

A bit about plant base diet history.

For several years human beings have been eating animal products in large amounts, but this, has not always been this way.

Many years ago, middle-class people were surviving with what they could get from the exploitation of their own lands, and the amount of meat available was really low so basically my grandfather was able to consume these animal products just time to time.As the time passed the production of anything became more automatic, with better procedures, machines and technology so a meat industry came up and convinced us all that it was necessary to consume it every day and all the time.

For the skepticals, in addition need to know that our ancestors had a fruitarian diet.

All these humans many years ago were in good physical condition, even healthier than now, so that confirms the theory that a vegan diet is adequate to keep a person vigorous, and on top of that, is good for the body well-being.

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet