Best vegan sources of Pantothenic acid (B5)

Veg based food with a very high concentration in Pantothenic acid (B5)

Foods Rating
Mushrooms, Shiitake0.50 cup40.62.615223.1excellent
Mushrooms, Crimini1 cup15.81.082224.5excellent
Cauliflower1 cup28.50.63138.0excellent
Sweet Potato1 cup180.01.77353.5very good
Broccoli1 cup54.60.96196.3very good
Beet Greens1 cup38.90.4794.4very good
Asparagus1 cup39.60.4083.6very good
Turnip Greens1 cup28.80.3984.9very good
Bell Peppers1 cup28.50.2963.7very good
Cucumber1 cup15.60.2756.2very good
Celery1 cup16.20.2555.6very good
Avocado1 cup240.02.08423.1good
Lentils1 cup229.71.26252.0good
Dried Peas1 cup231.31.17231.8good
Chicken4 oz187.11.09222.1good
Turkey4 oz166.71.02202.2good
Yogurt1 cup149.40.95192.3good
Salmon4 oz157.60.92182.1good
Rye0.33 cup188.50.81161.5good
Beef4 oz175.00.77151.6good
Eggs1 each77.50.70143.3good
Potatoes1 cup160.90.65131.5good
Wheat1 cup151.10.63131.5good
Corn1 each73.90.61123.0good
Shrimp4 oz134.90.59121.6good
Papaya1 medium118.70.53111.6good
Winter Squash1 cup75.80.48102.3good
Cow’s milk4 oz74.40.4692.2good
Cod4 oz96.40.4181.5good
Collard Greens1 cup62.70.4182.4good
Raspberries1 cup64.00.4082.3good
Brussels Sprouts1 cup56.20.3982.5good
Grapefruit0.50 medium41.00.3673.2good
Pineapple1 cup82.50.3571.5good
Watermelon1 cup45.60.3472.7good
Carrots1 cup50.00.3372.4good
Oranges1 medium61.60.3371.9good
Cranberries1 cup46.00.2962.3good
Swiss Chard1 cup35.00.2963.0good
Spinach1 cup41.40.2652.3good
Summer Squash1 cup36.00.2552.5good
Cabbage1 cup43.50.2351.9good
Fennel1 cup27.00.2042.7good
Mustard Greens1 cup36.40.1731.7good
Tomatoes1 cup32.40.1631.8good
Sea Vegetables1 TBS10.80.1635.3good
Figs1 medium37.00.1531.5good
Romaine Lettuce2 cups16.00.1332.9good
Bok Choy1 cup20.40.1332.3good

Little natural help to top up your levels of Pantothenic acid (B5).

Why is it important to stock your body with enough Pantothenic acid (B5) when following a plant base diet?

Without Pantothenic acid (B5) your body would not be able to function at its usual level, for that reason this nutrient is essential

A little bit about plant base diet history.

For some decades human beings have been ingesting meat in large amounts, but this, has not always been this way.

human had to survive ingesting what they could get from the earth. Rarely they ate animal products, and that was quiet recently. Believed or not my mother always explained to me that when she was a kid she used to eat just a piece of meat once a year. Slowly, technology went forward and things improved in the way that we were able to generate more food, but also more livestock, which created the giant animal industry as we know it this days.

For the skepticals, in addition need to know that our ancestors had a very particular diet, mainly fruit.

Trillions and trillions of people have existed since the beginning of the times and they have lived with a poor meat diet, even with no meat at all, so this shows that actually the human body can get through perfectly without it

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet