FOLATE (FOLIC ACID | Vitamin B9) 2022

Best vegan sources of Folate (folic acid and B9)

Vegetable based food with a elevated concentration in Folate (folic acid and B9)

  • Green leafy vegetables such as rocket, spinach, chicory, lettuce, watercress, chard or cabbage.
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, leek or artichoke.
  • Beans, chickpeas, soybeans and peas.
  • Avocado, orange, banana and melon.
  • Chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
  • Inflated wheat flakes, but also rye.

Natural support to increase the levels of Folate (folic acid and B9).

The Suggested Daily Allowance is 400 milligrams for women and men. The maximum limit for fortified foods or supplements is 1000mg.

Why is it important to provide your body with sufficient Folate (folic acid and B9) when following a vegan diet?

Without Folate (folic acid and B9) your system would not be able to perform at its usual level, for that reason this nutrient is so important.

Folate or folic acid is necessary for the production of red blood cells and for the synthesis of DNA (which controls heredity and is used to guide the cell in its daily activities). Folic acid also helps with tissue growth and cell function and also helps increase appetite when needed and stimulates the formation of digestive acids.

A bit about plant base diet backgroud.

This days people think that the ingestion of animal products is a totally normal and necessary thing to keep body and soul together, but is that the real truth?

Back in the day this was not like that, only rich people were able to afford an everyday steak, so the 99 per cent of the population was naturally vegan most of the time. In fact my mum sometimes remembers how she was having just a piece of meat once a year. After the industrial revolution, things changed and meat started to be more available and cheaper, thanks to animal exploitation.

For the skepticals, you also need to know that our ancestors had a fruitarian diet.

Those people that I have mentioned previously were healthier than you and me, and without any animal products consumption

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet