Isoleucine food sources

Isoleucine food sources 2022

Knowing the main Isoleucine food sources is important not only for vegans but for anyone in general, as it is one of the 9 essential aminoacids.

Isoleucine food sources

Best vegan sources of Isoleucine

Check this list with food high in isoleucine not to miss any nutrient.

Veg based food with a very high concentration in Isoleucine

The recommended amount of isoleucine per day is  at least 19 mg per kg of bodyweight.

So a person with 70kg x 19 mg = 1330mg or 1,3gr

FoodServingEnergy (kcal)Isoleucine (g)
Oats1 cup6071.083
Soybeans1 cup2540.977
Sunflower seeds0.5 cup4090.797
Lentils1 cup2300.772
Lima beans1 cup2090.745
Buckwheat groats1 cup5670.723
Swiss chard10 leafs910.706
Navy beans1 cup2550.704
Adzuki beans1 cup2940.69
Kidney beans1 cup2250.678
Black beans1 cup2270.673
Peanuts0.5 cup4140.662
Chickpeas1 cup2690.623
Pumpkin seeds1 cup2850.612
Mung bean1 cup2120.6
Pistachio nuts0.5 cup3440.564
Sesame seeds0.5 cup4130.549
Fava bean1 cup1870.52
Cashew0.5 cup3930.501
Spinach1 bunch780.5
Almonds1/2 cup3130.406
Hemp seeds3 tbsp1660.386
Hazelnut0.5 cup4240.368
Pine nuts0.5 cup4540.366
Walnut0.5 cup3830.366
Rye grain1 cup5710.352
Brazil nut0.5 cup4380.344
Quinoa1 cup2220.29
Peas1 cup1170.283
Cowpeas1 cup1600.281
Eggplant1 eggplant1370.247
food high in isoleucine

Natural support to keep a proper levels of Isoleucine.

Why is it important to provide your body with sufficient Isoleucine when following a plant base diet?

The Isoleucine makes your system to function properly and keep itself working in a normal way.

Curiosities about vegan diet history.

We have been taught by the society that  feeding our body with meat was healthy and necessary to our inner system, but today you will find out in this article that this is not true.

In the old days this was not like that, only rich people were able to afford an everyday steak, so the 99 per cent of the population was naturally vegan most of the time. In fact my mum sometimes remembers how she was having just a piece of meat yearly. After the industrial revolution, circumstances changed and meat started to be more available and cheaper, thanks to animal exploitation.

For those who do not agree, I have more to tell you, first humans were vegan, and used to eat just fruit and veg.

All these humans many years ago were in good physical condition, even healthier than now, so that confirms the theory that a vegan diet is enough to keep a person vigorous, and on top of that, is good for the body well-being.

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet

What is valine?

Valine is another of the list of 9 aminos you need to consume to keep a good health since you follow a vegan diet. Make sure you check it and mix sources of all the amino acids to get a full and quality protein.