Best vegan sources of Molybdenum

Vegetable based food with a very high concentration in Molybdenum

Foods Rating
Lentils1 cup229.7148.5033025.9excellent
Dried Peas1 cup231.3147.0032725.4excellent
Lima Beans1 cup216.2141.0031326.1excellent
Kidney Beans1 cup224.8132.7529523.6excellent
Soybeans1 cup297.6129.0028717.3excellent
Black Beans1 cup227.0129.0028722.7excellent
Pinto Beans1 cup244.5128.2528521.0excellent
Garbanzo Beans1 cup269.0123.0027318.3excellent
Oats0.25 cup151.728.86647.6excellent
Tomatoes1 cup32.49.002011.1excellent
Romaine Lettuce2 cups16.05.641314.1excellent
Cucumber1 cup15.65.201213.3excellent
Celery1 cup16.25.051112.5excellent
Barley0.33 cup217.126.99605.0very good
Carrots1 cup50.06.10144.9very good
Bell Peppers1 cup28.54.60106.5very good
Fennel1 cup27.04.35106.5very good
Peanuts0.25 cup206.910.77242.1good
Sesame Seeds0.25 cup206.310.62242.1good
Walnuts0.25 cup196.28.85201.8good
Green Peas1 cup115.76.89152.4good
Almonds0.25 cup132.26.78152.1good

Natural support to increase the levels of Molybdenum.

Why is it important to provide your system with enough Molybdenum when following a vegan diet?

Without Molybdenum your body would not be able to function at its usual level, for that reason this nutrient is essential

A bit about strict veggie diet backgroud.

For some decades human beings have been eating flesh in big amounts, but this, has not always been this way.

Back in the day this was not like that, only wealthy people were able to afford an everyday steak, so the 99 per cent of the population was naturally vegan most of the time. Actually my mum sometimes remembers how she was having just a piece of meat a year. After the industrial revolution, the situation changed and meat started to be more available and cheaper, thanks to animal exploitation.

For those who do not agree, I have more to tell you, first humans were strict vegetarians, and used to eat mainly fruit and vegetables.

Trillions and trillions of people have existed since the beginning of the times and they have survived with a poor meat diet, even with no meat at all, so this shows that actually the human body can sustain itself perfectly without it

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet