cashew vegan sources of iron

Best vegan sources of Iron

Veg based food with a elevated concentration in Iron per servin

FoodServing sizeCaloriesIron (mg)
Sesame seeds1/2 cup412.510.45
Oats1 cup6077.4
Cashews50 g2766.7
Lentils1 cup (cooked)2306.6
Hemp seeds3 tbsp1705.3
Kidney beans1 cup (cooked)2195.3
Amaranth1 cup2515.2
Chickpeas1 cup (cooked)2694.7
Navy beans1 cup (cooked)2554.3
Coconut milk1 cup5523.9
Black beans1 cup (cooked)2273.6
Quinoa1 cup2222.8
Tofu1/2 block1132.6
Pistachios1/2 cup3512.6
Peas1 cup (cooked)1342.5
Tempeh1/2 cup1602.25
Kale2 cups662.2
Pumpkin seeds1 cup2852.1
Spirulina1 tbsp202
White potato1 large potato2811.9
Brussel Sprouts6 sprouts481.8
Almonds1/2 cup2731.75
Walnuts1/2 cup382.51.7
Peanuts1/2 cup4271.65
Spinach2 cups141.6
Parsley1 tbsp41.5
Spearmint1 tbsp41.3
Thyme1 tbsp11.2
Broccoli1 small stalk980.9
Cocoa powder1 tbsp1960.7
Flaxseed (whole)1 tbsp54.70.6
Peanut butter2 tbsp1880.6
Tomatoes1 large330.5
Oregano1 tsp30.4
Mushrooms1 cup15.40.3
Basil1 tsp10.2

Plant based food with a moderate or low concentration in Iron per

FoodIron (mg) per 100g
Seaweed (dried)28.6
Sesame seeds14.6
Hemp seeds7.9
Chia seeds7.7
Pine nuts5.5
Sunflower seeds5.3
Vital wheat gluten5.2
Pistachio nuts3.9
Wheat flour (whole-grain)3.7
Macadamia nut3.7
Pumpkin seeds3.3
Kidney beans2.9
Rye grain2.6
Buckwheat groats2.5
Lima beans2.5
Brazil nut2.4
Coconut meat2.4

Little natural help to improve your levels of Iron.

Why is it important to provide your system with sufficient Iron when following a plant base diet?

Without Iron your body would not be able to function at its usual level, that is why this nutrient is so important.

A bit about strict veggie diet history.

For several years human beings have been eating flesh in big amounts, but this, has not always been this way.

Long time ago, middle-class people were surviving with what they could obtain from the exploitation of their own lands, and the quantity of meat available was really low so basically my grandfather was able to consume these animal products just occasionally.As the time passed the production of anything became more automatic, with better strategies, machines and technology so a meat industry came up and convinced us all that it was necessary to consume it every day and all the time.

For the skepticals, in addition need to know that our ancestors had a very particular diet, mainly fruit.

Trillions and trillions of human have existed since the beginning of the times and they have lived with a poor meat diet, even with no meat at all, so this shows that actually the human body can sustain itself perfectly without it

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet