FIBER 2022

Best vegan sources of Fiber

Plant based food with a elevated concentration in Fiber

  • Wholegrain cereals.
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Peas, beans and pulses
  • Nuts and seeds

Natural supplements to boost your levels of Fiber.

Why is it important to stock your body with sufficient Fiber when following a plant base diet?

Without Fiber your body would not be able to work at its usual level, that is why this nutrient is essential

It is a type of carbohydrate but, unlike other carbs, it cannot be broken down into digestible sugar molecules. Therefore, fiber passes through the intestinal tract intact. However, on its trip, fiber comply with its porpuose. 

Curiosities about plant base diet backgroud.

This days people think that the consumption of animal products is a totally normal and necessary thing to survive, but is that the real truth?

Human needed to survive eating what they could get from the nature. Rarely they ate animal products, and that was quiet recently. Believed or not my mother always explained to me that when she was young she used to eat just a piece of meat once a year. Slowly, technology went forward and things improved in the way that we were able to generate more food, but also more livestock, which created the huge animal industry as we know it this days.

If you are still not convinced, there are scientific evidences exposing that long before the prehistoric humans, were fruitarian

Those people that I have statement previously were healthier than you and me, and without any animal derivates consumption

The most important VITAMIN in a VEGAN diet.

ESSENTIAL mineral in a PLANT BASE diet

EXTRA PROTEIN for vegan diet