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History of veganism

The history of veganism goes back to the pythagoras times who is said to be person who started the veganism movement, and although we can not really know who actually started veganism as a culture, Pythagoras, the philosopher, mention back then in 500 BCE the idea of go plant based and the benefits of veganism. But the rise of veganism was long time after that,


It wasn’t until Donald Watson found the Vegan society in Uk in 1944, that the term “vegan” was official and was seriusly taken by the public.

vegan association
Vegan association

This man was born in Mexborough, a miner town in South-Yorkshire (England), in a family where everybody used to eat plenty of meat.

What do vegans eat?

Many people have doubts regarding what do vegans eat, lookinf for the best vegan sources of some nutrients, when they become vegans. And I do not blame them cause there is not too much clear information about it, and the little information we have is confuse and diffused.

Obviusly everything that is not from an animal source, or said in another way plant based, is suitable for a vegan diet, or stric vegetarian diet.

Sometimes is difficult to get all the nutrients that your body needs if you do not eat too much variety of things so is good that you get properly inform before you go completly vegan or what is more important to feed in this way to your son or daughter. In case of any doubt I would go with a ovo-vegan diet to start until you get use to it, as there have been many cases of kids death because of this misinformation of their parents.

What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarians

For those that are beginners in this lifestyle, and don’t know what’s the difference between vegan and vegetarians, the main difference between vegetarian and vegan diet is that although a vegetarian person does not eat meat, does consume products derived from animal as milk and eggs, meantime vegans base their diet in plants.

What's the difference between vegan and vegetarians
vegan vs vegetarian

Also there are diferent kind of vegetarias like the lacto vegetarians, ovo lacto vegetarians, pescetarians, flexi vegans, and more. Lets see what is the difference between the 9 types of vegetarians:

What do vegans eat in a day?

Vegans eat basically food that comes from plants nothing else. Nothing that comes from animals.

What do lacto vegetarians eat?

A lacto vegetarian is the one tha does not eat animal products but milk.

Lacto ovo vegetarian diet

The ovo vegetarians are those who do not consume animal products except eggs. The lacto ovo vegetarian diet altough some people like it, you are still consuming plenty of milk which is really unhealthy for the human body.

What is a pescatarian diet?

This word come from the latin, piscis which means fish so you can guess that obviusly this people follow an almost vegan diet except for the fact that they eat fish.

Flexi vegan diet.

Flexi vegan or flexitarians, aro those who actually are vegan the most of the time, but ocassionaly they have some meat, fish or dairy products, mainly when they eat out and is more dificult to get something totally vegan.

Why veganism is good for animals?

Why veganism is good for animals
Is veganism healthy
Lacto ovo vegetarian diet
Why veganism is good for animals

Being vegan is not just a diet, is a life style that consist in not taking advantage of the life of another living beings.

That’s why being herbivorous is not enough, we need to respect their life, not using them to work for us, or using their skins to covert it in leather for clothes, or their horns to make luxury items.

Because of all these things, each person in the world that become vegan or any of their variances and stop eating them, wearing them , and using them for any non etical purpose, will make a huge contribution to the cause, and will safe many animals life durig their existance.

How many vegans are there in the world?

Percentage of vegans in the world

How many vegans are there in the world
Vegan population growth

Although the most developed countries report that between 2% and 8% of their habitants are totally vegan, and 75% of this onces are female, if we take into account the world population is stimated that just 3% of the world is vegan.

How many vegetarians are there in the world?

Vegetarians world population 2021

Vegan plant based food sources of protein, vitamin and minerals. 2022

The statistics shows that 5% of the world population are vegetarian although there are more kind of diets close to this one and it is worth it to take a closer look.


Vegan plant based food sources of protein, vitamin and minerals. 2022

73 % are omnivorous that regulary eat anything and now a days tend to eat mainly meat.


Vegan plant based food sources of protein, vitamin and minerals. 2022

14 % of fexitarian that only occasionaly eat fish of meat.


Vegan plant based food sources of protein, vitamin and minerals. 2022

3% of pescetarians that eat fish and eggs as well as a plant based diet

Is veganism good for you

Definatelly is veganism good for you and everybody around. Follow a plant based diet and stop using clothes and shoes made from animals, will stop their suffer, but also it will stop the land deforestation.

This land is usually taken in order to build farms, and each year millions of trees are cut just for this purpose.

This provoke a disadjust on the levels of oxigen in the air, plus the methane that the cows produce during the digestion, plus the excesive use of water and land to cultivate food for them, is becoming a problem which probably you have heard about. This problems is the global warming and being NOT vegan is contributing to it, becoming worse and worse each year.


Follow a plant based diet, not only vegan any in which more than 90% of what you consume comes from plants and not from animal, will contribute to improve you health.


The answer is a resounding yes! And now I am not talking about medical studies but about my own experience.

When I was younger , I used to get sick, with throat infection, every month or so during the whole year. They have to inyect me antobiotics and be taking them during 10 days to get sick again in a month.

Now its been 10 years since I stopped drinking milk, 5 years eating much less meat and more veg, and almost 3 years being completly vegan.

I have been sick with throat infection just once during the last 5 years and it was at the beginning when I was still eating meat time to time.

Vegan cholesterol levels

Definately vegan cholesterol levels are much lower that a omnivorous, and the proof are my ownblood test, which since I am vegan I am even under the lower limit so my levels are lower that what is consider the minimun to have. althoug I feel good this way so I don’t think they should be higher.

Will veganism decrese my cholesterol

This healthy and so easy diet will decrease your bad cholesterol to amazing levels, preventing heart attacks and many other illnesses.

Vegan diet for skin problems

vegan diet for skin problems

A vegan diet for skin problems is the best solution for those pimples. Stop eating unhealthy fats from animal sources, will put less stress on your kidneys, liver and bowel, so they will have the chance to work properly and have more time to desintoxicating thus the complete body. Thats why this will rebound in how your skin looks. It will be more soft, and say good bye to the acne forever. You will look great.

Vegan diet to lose weight fast

Studies shows that usually vegans and people going into a plant based diet weight between 7-8kg (15-17lbs) less than omnivorous. So that means that a vegan diet to lose weight fast is quiet suitable.


I can not answer that question cause I am not a doctor, but what I can tell you is that I have heard lots of testimonies of people who have started to eat veggie and are really happy with the results.

Also studies shows that people going vegan can stop taking all the medicines for diabetes after a while.

So my conclusion is that the diabetes will be there forever but you can keep it at bay, and will not need to worry about it ever again. After couples of weeks going vegan you can probably stop having your 10 tablets a day.

Vegan diet and cancer

Veggies and Fruit are the best vegan sources of antioxidants that will helps in the fight against any illness like cancer but unfortunatelly there are not studies to confirm that it will cure you and I do not want to give you false hopes, but I really think it can stop it to develop further, and mainly prevent it to appear in the first instance.

I know personally about cases that following the cancer treatment (chemo and radio therapy) and what is more important improving their diet to get to the point where they were eating animal products just once or twice a week, and they got cure.

In you are interested in read more about vegan diet and cancer there are a lot of good books, but one that I would reccomend is this one bellow: The china Study.

It talks about an study from DR Thomas Colin Campbell, An american and Vegan Nutritional biochemist who assure that animal product produce the most of the nowaday illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Environmental benefits of veganism

A new study suggest that eating a vegan diet can be the “single mayor way” to decrease our environmental influence on global warming. The environmental benefits of veganism are uncountable and it should be take into account for the future.

Environmental benefits of veganism
Vegan diet environmental benefits

Environmental impact of veganism

The environmental impact of veganism is huge, for instance, they found that cutting animal products from our diets would reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 74 per cent and also reveal that meat and dairy production is responsible for 60 per cent of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Farmland equivalent to an area of the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined would be reduced by 75 per cent if everyone stopped eating these foods.

So basically the environmental benefits of going vegan are actually a lot and I can’t tell you if it will save the planet because there are more facts that causes global warming, but it will be a great contribution to it.

Is veganism the future

I really think that veganism will be the future of our planet.

is veganism the future
Veganism environmental benefits

The reason because I think veganism will take over is because there are already doing meat in laboratory, that cost less, consume less resources and on top of that will not hurt any animal. According to what they say it will be even safer than animal meat. So I think that thats reason enough for meat eaters no to go vegan, and people who actually have been vegan for this reasons, will not have them anymore.

However, plenty of people will stay vegan or at least as a one of its variances, for example flexitarian cause they will want still be healthier.

Pros and cons of being a vegan

Veganism cons that you can hear from the people are usually myth that they have been told about. Here I leave you a list with the pros and cons of being a vegan that you can really face addopting a vegan diet.

Pros and cons of being a vegan
Health benefits of veganism

Veganism pros

Vegan disadvantages

[su_box title=”Pros” style=”default” box_color=”#23CF8F” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”10″ class=”” id=””]1-Vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients
2-.It can help you lose weight
3-It appears to lower sugar levels and improve kidney function
4-A vegan diet may protect against certain type of cancers
5-It lowers the risk of heart attack
6-You will safe a lot of animals from suffering all their life and be killed
7-You will help against the global warming
8-You will create a better world for the future including your sons and daughters
9-It will safe you lots of money,veg and fruit are cheaper than meat. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” style=”default” box_color=”#F20D0D” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”10″ class=”” id=””]1-You will need to take a supplement of Vitamin B12 once a week.
2-In some restaurant may be more difficul to find vegan food. [/su_box]

Vegans look younger

Vegans or pure vegetarians have a plant based diet and often have much more variety in what they will actually eat than meat eating and that why vegans look younger. They include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbsand oils. Meat eaters basically refuse to even touch salads on their plate, and fruit is not an option.

Vegans look younger
Vegan bodybuilding meal plan

The reason why full vegetarians tend to look younger than those on the SAD diet is because they are more health conscience and even if they do happen to be overweight – it could be due to extreme trauma or because there are so many choices of dairy free ice cream and chocolate etc. on the market these days! – for whatever reason, they are still healthier than the average meat eater!

Anyways if you are interested in knowing how to make skin look younger and healthier, I advise you to take a look at this natural cosmetics website, where you will find some knowledge about skin care with natural and vegan cosmetic ingredients.

There is no reason that they would be lacking in any nutrients on a plant-based diet as every single nutrient is covered, and every sensible veg will always make sure to know where to find all their nutrients because they learn pretty early on that they will be accused of not getting enough protein.. iron… calcium… omega’s… B12 etc.

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